Snapshot API blocked while snapshot creation is in progress

(Johanan Lieberman) #1


I've encountered the following problem:

When initiating an asynchronous snapshot creation (that is - without the wait_for_completion argument), the _snapshot API seems to be blocked until the snapshot creation process is completed.
As a result, any GET request to _snapshot/whatever is waiting a long time until the snapshot has been created (or failed), however other APIs seems to work fine.

Any idea if this is expected behavior? In my humble opinion it would make sense to get an "IN_PROGRESS" status when querying the status of a snapshot under creation.

Thanks and regards,
Johanan - Emind

(Mark Walkom) #2

Can you provide some output showing this behaviour?

(Johanan Lieberman) #3

Hi Mark,

I couldn't replicate the issue so I guess there's nothing we can do for now. I'll get back here if the issue reappears.


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