AWS Elasticsearch snapshot stuck in state IN_PROGRESS

I am using ElasticService from AWS. I am receiving Snapshot failure status in Overall health. I can see, there is one snapshot that is stuctk for almost 2 days.

id                                                            status start_epoch start_time end_epoch  end_time duration indices successful_shards failed_shards total_shards
2020-07-13t13-30-56.2a009367-21fd-48ab-accc-36a3f61db683 IN_PROGRESS 1594647056  13:30:56   0          00:00:00     1.8d     342                 0             0            0

I am not allowed to DELETE this snapshot:
{"Message":"Your request: '/_snapshot/cs-automated-enc/2020-07-13t13-30-56.2a009367-21fd-48ab-accc-36a3f61db683' is not allowed."}

I do not know what to do next. I am not able to fix it and lot of API calls does not work as it normally should do. Could anybody help me to solve this issue?

This message is coming from AWS or from some of their private customisations of Elasticsearch -- it's not something that we can help you diagnose, sorry. You will need to speak with AWS support about this.

BTW did you look at and ?

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