/_snapshot endpoint API documentation

Hi guys,
is there a complete documentation of the following API endpoint:

  • /_snapshot

I would like to know if it's possible to edit backup metadata names (snap-CUSTOM_NAME or meta-CUSTOM_NAME instead of having a random String where CUSTOM_NAME is) and eventually how to do that through any API parameter. So any documentation of that endpoint would be very helpful.

The question is why you would like to do that?
The files should not be used by anything else than snapshot/restore api.

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The short answer is no. You should only be interacting with the files in your snapshot repository through the Elasticsearch Snapshot/Restore API. You should never edit or manipulate these files directly.

Hahaha, @dadoonet! I swear your response wasn't there when I clicked "reply."

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Hi guys,
ok it looks like you're discouraging the practice of appending a meaningful name to snap-.dat and meta-.dat files.

Anyway in different scenarios I saw that files renamed when using previous versions of ES in both FS and s3 repos based approach. Maybe it was considered as a way to allow a quick distinction when browsing them:

Having these:

And then:

Anyway, thanks for clarifying.


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