Snapshot management plugin

Hello guys,

is exist some tools(kibana plugin) for centralized management, configure snapshots of elasticsearch?
(for example, somebody want to restore data for some periodic from repository, and it not needed to ask administrators)

The only tool I know of which allows this would be our snapshot-management feature on Elastic Cloud Enterprise:


ok, thanks.
i write simple bash script .
with it possible to do daily backups for previous date for different indices, show info about all or some snapshot, delete, and restore data.
i think it will be useful for someone.

@nugusbayevkk have you looked into Elasticsearch Curator? It has a Snapshot action.

i used it for deleting old indices earlier, but i didn't know about action "snapshot".
I see that it have functions to backup data.
what about deleting old data(last year)?
main purpose, prepare scripts or tools for elasticsearch administrators, to fast restore data if it will be needed for some business purposes.
i not found this opportunity in curator.

it will be nice, if exist plugin like "timelion" in kibana in future, but with access privileges for administrator role.

Yes, Curator has that too. That would be the delete_snapshots action.

See the full list of actions Curator does here, which also includes a snapshot restore action.

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