Snapshot operation stuck IN_PROGRESS, delete command doesn't work

A snapshot process is stuck in "IN_PROGRESS" although the status of the snapshot is already "ABORTED" ... canceling the snapshot or generating a new one is not possible any more.
Tried already the cleanup script from, no change.

The error was described for versions before 1.5.x but seems still exists ... so

  • is there a possibility to resolve this issue without restart?
  • will be a rolling restart (first master, then data nodes) resolve that issue?

Using Elasticsearch 1.5.2

Anyone with same issue and experience that rolling restart solves the issue (aka clean the incorrect snapshot state)?

Hi --

I've seen this a couple of times, and have resolved it by running GET /_snapshot/backup/_status to get the details of the snapshot that is stuck in progress state and searching the output for "stage": "INIT". In each case, I found a shard in initializing (INIT) stage for one of the indices in the stuck snapshot. You'll see something like:

"3": {
"stage": "INIT",
"stats": {
"number_of_files": 0,
"processed_files": 0,
"total_size_in_bytes": 0,
"processed_size_in_bytes": 0,
"start_time_in_millis": 1478143477100,
"time_in_millis": 0
"node": "cwUM4qYuRxOpeOT51tyzkA"

You can then run Get _nodes/stats to get the friendly name associated to that node value, and then restart only that node. That has worked twice for me.