Snapshot problems, Data is modified


I would like to migrate Data from one ElasticSearch cluster to another, both are of the same version (1.3.2) and seem to be running fine. I did a snapshot of the existing index of the old cluster and imported it on the new one, this was also looking fine (same number of content, cluster green...).
After switching over my application to the new cluster I can observe some errors in the application logfile:

Merge failed with failures {[mapper [timestamp] of different type, current_type [long], merged_type [date],
mapper [min] of different type, current_type [long], merged_type [integer].......

I can confirm this, by looking into the mapping I can see that the type was changed. I turned off compression on both Snapshot repositories and did another snapshot - the same happens.

Has this something to do with coerce or the dynamic mapping feature? Can somebody give me a hint why this is happening?

Thanks in advance,


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