Snapshot restore problem in ES 1.3.4


I encountered a problem with snapshot and restore, checking if somebody ran
into the same problem and if yes how they resolved it.

So this is what happened,

I did a snapshot of one our clusters and then restored that snapshot in
another cluster. When I did the restore there was a discrepancy of about 7
million documents from one index between the snapshot cluster and the
restored cluster(snapshot cluster had more documents in it). There were 3
other indexes that restored without any data loss. I did a shard
check(_cat/shards) and there was one primary shard and its 1 other replicas
that had 0 documents.

I deleted this index, and restored the index, but this time I set the
replica count to zero. This time around there was no data loss in the
restored index. The shard that was showing with 0 documents was now showing
with 7 million documents. Now I set the replica to 1 and after shards were
allocated again, there was again a data loss of 7 million documents. After
doing shard check, same shard and its replica had 0 documents.

Also the cluster from which I took the snapshot has ES1.2.2 installed and
the cluster in which snapshot was restored has ES1.3.4 installed on it.


Prateek Singhal

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