Snapshot size limits

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I'm trying to understand if there is any size limit on how much size snapshot can be written to repository. Say, is it possible to write 200 GB of snapshot to repository? If yes which backend repository should I choose (FS/S3 /Azure)? will remote server(say mounted file system) allow to r/w with such a big file in one go?
If no ..please help on approaches I can take

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As far as I know there is no limit. As to which backend to use that generally depends on cost and/or what is available. Any of the listed options will do.

Thank you for quick response..
Just to rephrase..A single snapshot of huge 200 GB can be written to repository in real time.
One more question (sorry if im being dumb).. will remote server(say mounted file system) allow to r/w with such a big file in one go?

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Not sure what you mean by this. Snapshots take some time to complete once they have been initiated. They copy the segment files that make up shards at the time the snapshot is initiated, so it is not stored as a single large blob. The time it takes to complete a snapshot will depend on the data volume as well as configuration and hardware.

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