Snapshot to minio https

Hay all

I am trying to set ece to snapshot to my s3 mino server, all worked fine until i tred to start locking it down.

I enabled https and switched the port to 443, but now its failing.

I done and tcpdump on the minio server and i get the message "Description: Certificate Unknown (46)", front what i understand it does not know the certificate.

Can i in ECE to it not to check the certificate? or add my certs to ECE?

Thanks in advance

Unfortunately the link to minio only works if the certificate is signed by a CA that is bundled with the Oracle JVM (and ECE currently has no way of allowing extra certs to be bundled, unless ES allows it which it doesn't for snapshots - we are working on a fix)

The workaround, which a few people have adopted, is to run an nginx (or haproxy or whatever) on each allocator running on HTTP but then using the cert to connect to the remote minio server (of course putting minio locally on each allocator is also possible)

Sorry - I know it's not a very satisfactory situation


Thanks Alex for this.

do you have an eta or an planned release number for this work to be done?

The issue hasn't currently been assigned an ETA, sorry

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