Snapshots not showing

I have two clusters A and B, the repos on both are pointing to the same location.

A on 2.4.4
B on 5.6.8

snapshots on cluster A showed up before on cluster B, but today new snapshots on A won't show on B anymore.

What am I missing?


This is to be expected, please see the docs for snapshot/restore:

The snapshot format can change across major versions, so if you have clusters on different major versions trying to write the same repository, new snapshots written by one version will not be visible to the other. While setting the repository to readonly on all but one of the clusters should work with multiple clusters differing by one major version, it is not a supported configuration.

How can I restore a snapshot taken from 2x and restore it in 5x cluster? This is supported.

How can I verify this was set somewhere? or how can I set/unset it?


The gist of it is: Once you've written to the repository from the 5.x cluster, you cannot expect for new 2.x snapshots to appear listable on the 5.x cluster.

This gives you two options:

  1. Only write with 2.x to the shared repository and use a different repository for writing with 5.x.
  2. Stop writing with 2.x to the shared repository once you have written with 5.x to the shared repo.

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