So many layers with same data in MAP

When i draw a map with data there are so many layers on hover showing same data how i can reduce the same.

What version of Kibana are you using?

It looks like your map has 2 layers. Can you provide details on those layers - what data view are they pulling data from? What is displayed under "Source details"?

Layers showing Elasticsearch documents will show all documents in the area. Do you have multiple documents at a given location? In Maps, click "Inspect" to open the "Inspector". Find the request for Elasticsearch documents layer and open in console. Run the request in console. Do you see multiple documents for a location?

yes i have multiple documents with same location and on every layer i found same data of Performed hours and Contracted Hours

If you would like to only show the latest document per branch, then use a Top hits per entity layer. This layer will only show the latest document for an entity.

  1. Click "Add layer"
  2. Select "Top hits per entity"
  3. Select your data view
  4. Select "branch" field for "Entity" select

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