[SOLVED] Average of a sum

(Alex Lum) #1


In visualization, data table , i have a sum of received mega octet.
I need to make an average of this sum

Total sessions Total received Mo Total sent Mo

3,233,566 810,058.816 1,070,446.362

can i have a column "average" like this :
total received Mo divided by time range selected in up right?


(Joe Fleming) #2

You should just be able to add an Average Metric on the same field you're using to for the Sum of Total received Mo, no? Something like this:

Here I have the count of requests, the total sum of bytes, and the average bytes per request. Is that what you're asking for, or am I misunderstanding?

(Alex Lum) #3

thank you very much :slight_smile:

(Janet Sullivan) #4

I'm trying to do a very similar thing, but can't seem to make it work. (PEBKAC, I'm sure) How exactly do I make a column that is a sum divided by time range up right?

For example, I have one column that is a top 10 by bytes transferred. I want to display the mbit/sec for the host beside it. I can pre-do some of the math in logstash via ruby if necessary (bytes to bits, etc) but I can't figure out how to take the value and divide it by whatever time is picked. I don't really want the average - there may be hundreds of thousands of packets, so the average size in bytes isn't what I want. I want to make a bytes/time column, where /time is based on the number of seconds in the time picker.

(system) #5