[Solved] - Force filebeat to reship file

how to force filebeat to ship files again?
I tried to stop service, remove registry file, touch log files (even to append dummy line) but no luck.
2016-03-15T10:52:58+01:00 DBG Check file for harvesting: /elastic/torque-accounting/20151227
2016-03-15T10:52:58+01:00 DBG Update existing file for harvesting: /elastic/torque-accounting/20151227
Thanks and have nice day

There is a so called registrar file with the name .filebeat. Depending on your OS and config it is stored in a different place. Inside this file, the state of all harvested file is stored. Removing this file will restart harvesting all files from scratch! Before removing the file, filebeat must be stopped.

Ok thank you for reply

Just for information and other who could wonder :
with logstash 5.2 the file is stored here /var/lib/filebeat/registry