[SOLVED]How to match index pattern

How can I match indexnames in kibana in this format:

Example index names logstash-2015-12_v001; logstash-2014-07_v003
(version is there to know what to reindex and what is already new version.

pattern [logstash-]YYYY-MM* doesn't work.
Tahnk you

Just use logstash-*!

Which version of Elasticsearch and Kibana are you using? If it is a recent version, you can use logstash-* as Mark suggested as Kibana no longer need date patterns configured for index names in order to be able to restrict the number of indices queried. If you are on an older version, you may want to look into using index aliases to control naming as well as which version of an index that is used.

I am on latest stable.
Thank you