[SOLVED] Kibana Geo Filter: Add Filter for Index

I have a tilemap visualization on a dashboard in Kibana 5.3.0 displaying results properly as seen below. The issue is that when I try to add a geo filter (to geofence the data I'm returning), everything displays properly but I get a warning at the top of the page:

The full error can be seen below. Now before you ask me "is your geo_point, 'nginxgeo1' in your logstash index?" No, no it is not and has never been. The geopoint is in my nginx index (e.g. nginx-2017.05.05), completely separate from my logstash index. This error only arises when I attempt to add a geo filter in order to limit my results.

The geo filter:

  "geo_bounding_box": {
    "nginxgeo1": {
      "top_left": {
        "lat": 30.5696,
        "lon": -96.5481
      "bottom_right": {
        "lat": 28.64264,
        "lon": -94.3371
Error: Request to Elasticsearch failed: {"error":{"root_cause":[{"type":"query_shard_exception","reason":"failed to find geo_point field [nginxgeo1]","index_uuid":"ar4OOB7RSLaYv2XXjc9Zsg","index":"logstash-2017.05.04"},{"type":"query_shard_exception","reason":"failed to find geo_point field [nginxgeo1]","index_uuid":"XCBfKpp-TmWWTR71pTuVsg","index":"logstash-2017.05.05"}],"type":"search_phase_execution_exception","reason":"all shards failed","phase":"query","grouped":true,"failed_shards":[{"shard":0,"index":"logstash-2017.05.04","node":"aC2_igyIQPivgRcTNEaMCQ","reason":{"type":"query_shard_exception","reason":"failed to find geo_point field [nginxgeo1]","index_uuid":"ar4OOB7RSLaYv2XXjc9Zsg","index":"logstash-2017.05.04"}},{"shard":0,"index":"logstash-2017.05.05","node":"aC2_igyIQPivgRcTNEaMCQ","reason":{"type":"query_shard_exception","reason":"failed to find geo_point field [nginxgeo1]","index_uuid":"XCBfKpp-TmWWTR71pTuVsg","index":"logstash-2017.05.05"}}],"caused_by":{"type":"query_shard_exception","reason":"failed to find geo_point field [nginxgeo1]","index_uuid":"XCBfKpp-TmWWTR71pTuVsg","index":"logstash-2017.05.05"}},"status":400}
    at http://opuscache/bundles/kibana.bundle.js?v=14823:28:19338
    at Function.Promise.try (http://opuscache/bundles/commons.bundle.js?v=14823:75:22403)
    at http://opuscache/bundles/commons.bundle.js?v=14823:75:21773
    at Array.map (native)
    at Function.Promise.map (http://opuscache/bundles/commons.bundle.js?v=14823:75:21728)
    at callResponseHandlers (http://opuscache/bundles/kibana.bundle.js?v=14823:28:18950)
    at http://opuscache/bundles/kibana.bundle.js?v=14823:28:7080
    at processQueue (http://opuscache/bundles/commons.bundle.js?v=14823:38:23621)
    at http://opuscache/bundles/commons.bundle.js?v=14823:38:23888
    at Scope.$eval (http://opuscache/bundles/commons.bundle.js?v=14823:39:4619)

My question is this:

Is there a way to add a filter for the geo_bounding_box to only search in the nginx indices? I don't have any metrics on this dashboard being populated from Logstash.

I found a workaround but would like to see this resolved in future releases.

The filter you apply to any dashboard apparently automatically tries to apply that filter to your default index (the index with a star next to it in the index patterns dashboard), regardless of whether the dashboard even contains any data from that index.

So the fix for this geolocation issue is to make the index which contains my geopoints the default index.

What about editing the visualization, applying the filter there, and saving the visualization. Then remove the filter from the dashboard. That way the filter should be applied only to the geo visualization on the nginx-* index pattern and not other visualizations on the dashboard.

@shaunak I thought about that and tried it, but the filter doesn't persist through the dashboard!

Here's an example, leveraging some of my test data.

If I apply the filter on the dashboard, it filters the results to the entire dashboard, as most people would want on a dashboard.

However if I add the filter in the visualization and then add the visualization to a dashboard. The visualization is filtered on the geofence but the rest of the dashboard is not filtered on that geofence.

This is different than in Kibana 4 where the functionality you @shaunak mentioned did work as expected.

Please note that the second visualization of the two above as well as the 2nd in the dashboard below is filtered on area from within the visualization.

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