Failed to find geo_point field

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I am trying to perform a search with geo_distance in Kibana 4 and I get the following exception:
"org.elasticsearch.index.query.QueryParsingException: [.kibana] failed to find geo_point field [geolocation]"

I use the following syntax in the search area under discovery tab:

I assume it sth with the syntax or kibana since I can perfectly query elastic search from my console getting the expected results.

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Is the field you are querying mapped correctly as a geopoint?

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I think so.

                "geolocation": {
                    "type": "geo_point"

Moreover, I can display geo_point in a tile map in Kibana.

Thanks Mark

I confirmed that the geo distance filter query DSL doesn't currently work in Kibana search bar. There is a future enhancement to the current validator that will address the problem:

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Many thanks Tanya. Looking forward this enhancement. Do you know how to perform this geo_distance search with Lucene? Will that work in Kibana?

I don't think geo-distance query is possible with Lucene query syntax, it's quite limited.

Kibana Tile Map visualization supports geo bounding box filter, driven by a selector in the UI.. perhaps that could be of help?

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Many thks Tanya. I have used the geo bounding box filter in Tile map, but the same filter it is not useful to filter documents in the discover tap. I guess I will have to wait for the enhancements.

In Kibana 4.1 you can use Pinned Filters to carry over a filter from one tab to another. Just mouse over a filter and click on the little thumbtack looking icon.