[SOLVED] Parser-excel-elasticsearch - connection refused


I was searching for a plugin to parse excel files into elasticsearch and I found this one.

Running the application with the command written on github:
java -Xmx1g -jar excelastic-1.2.3.jar <filename> <index> <mapping> --clear
gives me the error:

AM io.vertx.core.http.impl.HttpClientRequestImpl
SEVERE: io.netty.channel.AbstractChannel$AnnotatedConnectException: Connection refused: localhost/

No configuration file is present, so I created one, added the default values and messed around to find a solution but I keep getting the same error. I 've noticed that the loopback is set to, is it possible to change it to Can that be the problem?

UPDATE: I managed to solve it by changing my localhost address on /etc/hosts to Now it works fine :slight_smile:

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thanks for bringing conclusion to this.

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