Some help for a newbie

Hi A_B,
first of all thanks for your help and your attention !

I tried this out too this morning and i can do more thinhgs with my data !

So my new data structure is per users like you can see below:

{"date":"2017-10-04T08:15:03.079+XXXX","Location":"Angola","serverName":"XXXXXXX02-UUUUU2", "projectName":"XXBUU_HELLO_WORLD20XX","ID":"00K73760","computerName":"fhgzzid-globjzed.oo.local"}

Now i can make chart about users per Location like i would like to do !

I still have a question, i dont know how to do this kind of chart

i would like have date on the X-axis, the number of users on the y-axis and lines which represent my differents countries.

Is it possible with Kibana ?