Something like min_doc_count, but for maximum document count

I have to create a visualization (Data Table) based on the it sec logs.
The requirement is to summarize the branches where were less than 3 logins per day.
So I have created a Metric(Count), added split row with timestamp interval: daily and another split row terms: branch.
And now I need a filter something like min_doc_count but for max_doc_count.
I have tried to add into "JSON input": { "script": "params.doc_count < 3" } - but that is not worked.
Please suggest me something how to do that!

There is no max_doc_count in Elasticsearch for the reasons described in

The workaround in that issue may work as a query in Elasticsearch, but it uses a bucket_selector aggregation which is not yet supported in Kibana (see

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