Min docs count when using other aggregations

Hey everyone, after a long winter I'm back to using Elastic stuff.

So, scenario: I have this data table where I get IPs and username count for those IPs. The point is to get notifications for when there are more than one username assigned to the same IP. I thought a {"min_doc_count":2} on advanced JSON input would solve it, but since I'm not counting docs, nothing happens.

I tried Google and browsing around the docs, but couldn't find anything with a similar scenario around. Any tip for me?

You could use an Advanced Threshold alert from Watcher for this.
Something like:
WHEN count() GROUPED OVER top 10000 "ip" IS ABOVE 1 FOR THE LAST 356 days

Ah, Watcher is off-limits for me. Gotta stick to what is open/free.

So, does that mean Kibana has no equivalent for {"min_doc_count":2} for aggregating other fields, instead of the doc count?

(edit) OH I've just seen another thread that I think points to my exact problem... so, it seems I just can't do this at the moment. Thanks anyway for the attention, @Marius_Dragomir!


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