Sort by not coming for few fields

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Hello Experts,

In Kibana I was able to do sort on few columns but not on another columns, why? what I am doing wrong?

  1. Below Image shows gc_duration field was able to do sort.

Grok for same:

WARN [Service Thread] 2016-06-30 14:42:41,538 - G1 Young Generation GC in 211ms. G1 Eden Space: 16894656512 -> 0; G1 Old Gen: 13259744800 -> 13267292200;

CASS_GC_GRACE %{CASS_BASE} %{DATA:msg} in %{INT:gc_duration}ms. %{DATA}:\s*%{INT:eden_orig_bytes}\s*->\s*%{INT:eden_new_bytes}; %{DATA}:\s*%{INT:oldgen_orig_bytes}\s*->\s*%{INT:oldgen_new_bytes};(\s*%{DATA}:\s*%{INT:surv_org_bytes}\s*->\s*%{INT:surv_new_bytes};|)


  1. I was not able to sort fields active, pending,completed,blocked, below image shows same.

"active" => "integer"
"pending" => "integer"
"completed" => "integer"
"blocked" => "integer"

#INFO [Service Thread] 2018-03-11 18:01:33,432 - MemtableReclaimMemory 0 0 40846 0 0

CASS_TPSTATS ^%{LOGLEVEL:level}\s*[(%{DATA:Javathread}|%{DATA:process})]\s*%{YEAR}-%{MONTHNUM}-%{MONTHDAY} %{HOUR}:%{MINUTE}:%{SECOND},%{INT}\s*%{DATA:java_file}.java:%{INT:line_number}\s*-\s*(%{WORD:poolname} %{WORD}|%{NOTSPACE:poolname}|%{WORD:poolname}-%{WORD:poolname}-%{WORD:poolname})\s*%{WORD:active}\s*%{WORD:pending}\s*%{WORD:completed}\s*%{WORD:blocked}\s*%{GREEDYDATA:alltimeblocked}


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No worries.. corrected mu self! I am good!

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