Sort by username that is not present in the index

Hi Team,

We are using ES for analytics use case of our video streaming platform. In our workflow, we start pushing viewlog events to ES once the user starts playing the video for every 30 secs interval. We use this index to populate a data table for each video analytics view that shows the username, number of times the user watched the video & the percentage of video watched by the user. In most of the cases, user might watch the video only once and the requirement has come to sort the data table based on user name. Problem here is we do not store the user name in this index. We populate the username while returning the response to the api from our application.

so, I would like to know what is the best strategy here? We might be able to store the username in the index but how do we take care of updates to username that happens. We will be retaining the data for ever and want to go with a common strategy for all other Object types in the system that has this similar problem while showing data tables.

We have the same issue while building kibana dashboards i.e. not able to show the object metadata i.e. names as we only have Ids in the index.

Please guide us on what is the standard practice for such scenarios.


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