Sort on specific keyword in Discover using KQL


I would like to sort on a specific (ascending / descending) on a column matching a specific keyword.
The column is returning OK or ERROR and I would like the ERROR to be on top instead of the OK, but I still want to see all the OK in my query (that's why I don't exclude the OK).

Does anyone know how can I do that? It seems like I can only sort on the time column.
For information, the column I want to sort on is a keyword.

My Kibana version is 7.5.1

Thanks for your help!

You didn't specify which part of Kibana you want to sort in. I assume you are talking about Discover: Discover lets you sort by any field if you click the "add" button on the left side menu. For example if you have a column named status you can click the "add/+" button to create a status column, and then sort.

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