Sorting by named query result

Is it possible to sort the results of the ES query by the value present in the named query? We have such code in Elasticsearch-dsl:

def _named_family_sample_q(family_samples_q, family_guid, quality_filters_by_family):
    sample_queries = [family_samples_q]
    quality_q = quality_filters_by_family.get(family_guid)
    if quality_q:

    return Q('bool', must=sample_queries, _name=family_guid)

The last line is the most crucial. The query is extremely complex but ultimately we have many hits each containing a matched_query key with the family_guid named query name:

family_guids = list(raw_hit.meta.matched_queries)

We want all hits returned to be ordered by the names of the queries. If there are two names in the matched_queries we need to get it just sorted by first and then second together.

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