Sorting cross several fields

In my index, if I have records that looks something like this:

    "date1":  "<someDate>",
    "date2":   "<someOtherDate>"

Is it possible to make a sort that gives me the documents in order accross the "date1" and "data2" fields?

For instance, if I have these records:

1: {"date1": "1950-01-01",
    "date2": "2000-01-01"}

2:  {"date1": "1960-01-01",
     "date2": "1951-01-01"}

3:  {"date1": "1970-01-01",
     "date2": "1950-02-02"}

The order I want to receive them in should be 1,3,2 because 1 has the the earliest date in the date1 field, then 3 has the next one in the date2 field, and then 2 in the date2 field.


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