Sorting multiple indices with different fields

Hi there,

I'm having a sorting issue.
I have 2 indexes which I search.
I want to sort on a date field, but they have different names in each index:
index01 has a datefield: publishedDate
index02 has a datefield: postedDate

I fire this query:

GET index01,index02/_search

I'm getting my results as follows:
1st all hits from index01, ordered by publishedDate
2nd all hits from index02, ordered by postedDate

What I would like to get however is all results ordered by date, regardless of the index they're in.

Is this possible?

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Hi Marten.

Maybe you must use multi search API

This way you can send several searches in one request. You can create a query on criterion A and another on criterion B

Hi RabBit,

Thanks for your response.
My problem isn't the query, it's the sorting.
I want all hits sorted on a date, but the name of the datefield is diferent in my indexes.
I've solved it now by copying the datefield to another field with the same name in all indices, but I think this should be possible in another way.

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I'm experiencing a similar problem.
In my case the indexes are different, and in some searches I only have the docs of just one index at the top. This is because the classification in each index is different due to the frequency of documents.
Then I thought of using msearch because I can separate queries and sorting.
As in your case the indices are the same so it's not like my problem.

Hmm, I thought that it's impossible to sort on the combined results of a msearch.
Did you manage to solve your problem?

I'm still thinking about which strategy to use, but the results with msearch are nice

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