Sorting problem on sparse fields

I have multiple types of documents in one index. Most of the documents are type 1. When the first document from type 2 added to the index, the visualization failed to return the document and I got "Request Timeout after 30000ms".

The visualization has a filter to include type 2 documents only and sort on a new field in type 2 which does not exist in type 1 documents.

Does anyone know how to solve the timeout issue?

(I have also posted this in Kibana forum but got no response.)


May be you need to give more details: Version, logs, errors, And don't hesitate to say "hi" and "thank you", it helps.


Hi Xavier,

Thanks for your reply! ES and Kibana are both version is 5.5.1.

Let's say I have 2 type of documents, type1 and type2.

type1 has fields: type, field1, field2, field3, ...
type2 has fields: type, field1, sequence

I have a lot of type1 documents in ES. When I added the first type2, I ran a query with sorting on sequence.keyword. Kibana timed out and I got "Request Timeout after 30000ms".


Ok, can you look at the log file of elasticsearch if there is some errors ? May be the query is not good and Kibana doesn't figured out.

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