Sorts not working on my production env

(Miguel Michelsongs) #1

Hi Guys, I need some help with this. I've a production app which is not sorting the records, but I've the same configuration on staging server and is working fine, also is working on my development machine. don't know which would be the problem . I assume this could be because the volume of data??. In my production server the machine in which ES is installed and running is consuming about 40% of disc and 26GB of 30GB RAM. I also double checked the mappings on the 3 envs and are the same.

Can anyone give me some enlightenment? :pray:

(Igor Motov) #2

We would need more information to help you, such as the mapping, search requests and results that you are getting. We would also need to know what do you exactly mean by "is not sorting the records". When you get records back they should have either _score field or "sort": [...] array depending on how you are sorting. Do you get the same values for same records in both production and dev environments?

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