Source raw files purging after shipping to ELK

how to manage physical logs file after moving to ELK if we want to delete text files after moving to ELK how do we do? what tool can i userWe are getting payload logs from GDS channels as response for our request to book a hotel in the XML and JSON format we are longing those logs in log4net .TXT file we are moving those logs from app server to ELK server through file beatThe question here is how do we manage to delete these TBs of data once ELK eat it what tool can we use how do we do If ELK getting data then we don't want one hour of physical files in app server so that we can manage disc space very well


the text file looks like this with response and other column


This is something that needs to be handled outside of Filebeat, it cannot do that for you.

Can we use any other tool for this?

Maybe a scheduled job to delete everything after a week?

Thanks warkolm

Got the solution thanks all


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