Spark + ES-Hadoop 2.1.2 + ElasticSearch 2.0 Unsupported

(Mark Vervuurt) #1

Dear Friends,

I am using Spark 1.4.1 with the ES-Hadoop 2.1.2 Connector together with ElasticSearch 2.0. I get the following error when running my Java code:

org.elasticsearch.hadoop.EsHadoopIllegalArgumentException: Unsupported/Unknown Elasticsearch version 2.0.0

It runs fine with ElasticSearch 1.6.1, so I am concluding that the ES-Hadoop Connector does not yet support ElasticSearch 2.0.0. Do you happen to know when the ES-Hadoop Connector will support ElasticSearch 2.0?


(eliasah) #2

Did you try the latest snapshot version of the connector 2.2.0.BUILD-SNAPSHOT ?

In a earlier discussion with @costin it seemed to me that he has mentioned the support of es 2.0 from that version.

Can you check that please?

(Costin Leau) #3

For elasticsearch 2.x use es-hadoop/spark 2.2 (currently at beta 1).

(Mark Vervuurt) #4

Thanks I tried es-hadoop 2.2.0-m1 and it's working now :wink:
Take care guys!


(system) #5