Specific Encyption at Rest Algorithm?


One of our customers is insisting we provide evidence of encryption used by our third party processors (which includes Elastic).

I can find published statements that data is encrypted at rest in the SOC-3 compliance document (https://www.elastic.co/pdf/elasticsearch-service-soc-3.pdf) and in the technical FAQs (Securing your deployment | Elasticsearch Service Documentation | Elastic) however neither of these nor any other searches I do specify specifically the algorithm used. Can someone please confirm and ideally provide a link to a published Elastic document that specifies, say, AES256?

We are using ElasticCloud hosted on Azure, with clusters at version 8.4.2

Hi @tensor ,

I would reach out to your account team or perhaps support to get a specific / official response as I / we cannot (and should not) make an official statement here on the discuss forum especially with respect to security and compliance that you report to your customer.

Your Account Team should be able to get you that answer.

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