Encryption at rest what features comes under the same


I have activated trial version of elastic search and i want explore on encryption at rest. Requesting anyone to please answer the below queries :

  1. I dint find any documentation from elastic site. Where is the official documentation for encryption at rest.
  2. What all the features comes under encryption and what does that actually mean.
  3. I have activated trial version and how to configure encryption at rest.


Can anyone please answer the above queries. Thanks!

Thanks very much for your interest in Elasticsearch.

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Sorry for that.
Hoping an answer on the above queries. Thanks!

Elasticsearch does not support encryption at rest at the application level. The recommended way to achieve it is by using the dm-crypt tool. This encrypts the volume at the OS level and is transparent to Elasticsearch. As this is an external tool, it is as far as I know not covered by the Elastic documentation, so you should seek out the appropriate Linux documentation instead.

Thanks for your reply @Christian_Dahlqvist.

In the link https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions they have mentioned they will support encryption at rest. So i thought there will documentation from elastic.

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