Encryption at rest support in x-pack platinum

According to https://www.elastic.co/subscriptions there is "Encryption at rest support" in Platinum x-pack security (formerly Shield). I cannot find any documentation about it or how to enable or configure it. Can you pls. elaborate on what "Encryption at rest support" for x-pack platinum means and how it effects performance.

Hello Nanda,

Encryption at rest support isn't a feature of Elasticsearch itself, we are referring to filesystem encryption on the actual host running Elasticsearch. If you have a Platinum license we will support your environment with an encrypted filesystem. Without platinum it is possible support would request a problem to be reproduced outside of an encrypted filesystem environment.


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I would like to know if its still the same answer for "Encryption at rest support" in Platinum x-pack security in last versions?
i'm trying to learn about data at rest support
appreciate your answer

I need some clarification on this. If encryption at-rest supported in file system encryption ( dm-crypt ) then running ES would not see that. For ES it would act as normal file system and under that encryption/decryption happens seamlessly. Correct me if i'm wrong ? If this is the case why elasticsearch support team need to reproduce issues without encryption ? Isn't encryption/decryption is something that elasticsearch should not worry in this case ?