About "Encryption at rest" using x-pack trial

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we are planing to subscribe PLATINUM support, so I investigating security feature using x-pack trial.
x-pack security provide "Encryption at rest support" but I could not find any kind of this setting information in Elasticsearch official document.
I checked subscriptions page (see below).

How can I setting "Encryption at rest" using x-pack trial.

In addition, I found following topic in this forum.

If PLATINUM subscription does not support "Encryption at rest data", we need to consider altanative solution for encript data...

(Mark Walkom) #2

We have a procedure using dmcrypt, that if followed to apply encryption at rest, will guarantee support for your cluster

(Kanako Nakai) #3

Thank you for your reply.

I see.
So if we buy a subscription of Elasticsearch , elastic will provide that 'procedure of dm-crypt' and support setup.

I felt that the phrase 'Encryption at rest support','support' was misleading in subscription page.
you can write 'Encryption at rest (LUKS) setup support' is better..

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