Encryption at rest - required platinum license

Can I use dm-crypt to encrypt data at rest if I do not have a Platinum license?
I need to understand what is the advantage of the Platinum license for this specific feature.

Thank you in advance

As a user of a platinum licence (which I am) you can create support cases of all sorts and topics. You can have a number of peers that can create cases too. You have access to a vast amount on knowledge. You can enable all sorts of cool features. It is however, very hard to specify the benefits for your specific use case but that can just be me :slight_smile:

Hi Paul,
Thank you for your answer. I am aware platinum license has many benefits. But I need a better explanation about "encryption at rest". What changes in encryption at rest using a platinum license?

Hi @chiara, does this answer cover your question ?

Hi Ioannis,
I read it before posting here, but it was not enough... Or maybe I need a confirmation: if I decide to use encryption at rest at OS level and I don't have a platinum license, I can't ask for help to Elasticsearch support. Correct?

It's exactly as Josh says in the thread I linked. Encryption at rest on the filesystem is not an elasticsearch feature and as such we can't support you with it and in case you have any elasticsearch issue after you enable encryption at rest you might be asked to reproduce the issue without encryption at rest. I hope this is clear now.

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