Splainer: The Elasticsearch Relevance Sandbox that Tells you Why

(Doug Turnbull) #1

Some of you from the Solr community may know about Splainer. Well Splainer now supports Elasticsearch!

What's Splainer? Splainer is a relevance sandbox. It doesn't just parse the relevance explain, it tells you why. It decomposes the relevance explain into a summary of matches that matter most. Then from that top-level you drill down with more human-readable explanations of the explain output. If you're interested, read more in the blog post.

Here's the TLDR gif version of Splainer:

Splainer comes out of the search relevance practice of OpenSource Connections. Splainer is the baby brother of our relevance tuning product Quepid. Quepid is a test-driven relevance toolbench. It gives you all the functionality and insight of Splainer, but more holistically over all your candidate keyword searches. It keeps a history of all your relevance work and lets you snapshot and save results for later comparison.

Splainer is open source. Bugs and contributions welcome on github

Happy Searching!
-Doug Turnbull

(Christoffer Vig) #2

Nice tool! It helps a lot with getting oversight on what's happening with large queries.

(system) #3