Split Brain Scenario


We currently experienced split brain scenario in elasticsearch. After it happened we reseted the cluster setting and added that node to the cluster and did the required setting like master eligible node to 3 and minimum zen master node to 2.
But after adding there are shards that are not assigned both the shards like primary and replica for certain index are not getting assigned and shoes the cluster health is red.
How to recover from this issue. Plz help me out?

Which version are you on? How many nodes in the cluster? How many indices and shards in the cluster? How much data do these hold? How many indices are red?

Elasticsearch version 6.3.1
5 nodes - for now all 5 nodes are data node and 3 are master we will have dedicated master soon
There are 380 indices with 4200 shards

It's 840 shards per node.
That's a way too much IMO.

How much memory do you have?

Each node has 16 GB of memory but for elasticsearch we have assigned 6 GB of memory

At most, 120 shards per node then.

Is there a way to recover the shards both the replica and primary are unassigned

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