Un block shards un assigned

Hello all,

topology our cluster :

we use elasticsearch 6.2.2 OSS version

we have 7 node :

  • 1 master
  • 6 data node

Currently we have lost a node when we restart that we have a indice cannot assign 2 shards on 4 shards when we see with _cat/shards on reason we have that : UNASSIGNED DANGLING_INDEX_IMPORTED
when we reach on this shards we found also this tag no_valid_shard_copy

after some google search we try that https://medium.com/@remco_verhoef/when-everything-else-fails-cc8a27c679d0 but not works rerouting also not works.

Somebody can explain me how to analyse that and resolve that please ?



Sorry to hear your node went down. Are all nodes back up at this point?

There is only one node in your cluster that is master eligible? Typically you want 3 master eligible nodes to help with resiliency and provide a necessary quorum to avoid split-brain.

I might take a look at the cluster allocation explain API which may help provide additional information. If you post your responses for those particular shards using the mentioned API it may be helpful.

Hi tdasch

in our config we precise that for data node

node.master: false
node.data : true

how to can 2 master node here to cause a split brain "split brains, the existence of two masters in a single cluster" : https://www.elastic.co/guide/en/elasticsearch/guide/1.x/_important_configuration_changes.html#_minimum_master_nodes

but good idea our cluster need more master to create quorum.


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