Split message logstash elasticsearch

my message it looks like :

i want to add field when found the "|" it means to split it with "|"
i did it but it looks with a wrong method :

imagine that we have a lot of data in one message and in the same file there is a lot of data but it's not the same format ...
So i want to add field when i found "|"

Any help would be sincerely appreciate!

I'm in a very similar scenario, but in my case I want to split when I found ", @" this 3 characters.
Is basically a login of Stored procedures with parameters. So I want to split the parameter column into different fields. Please let me know if you found the way for this. Also to do it dinamically I guess only with ruby is possible

I found somthing i think it's better:

filter {

    mutate {

      split => {"message" => "|"}

      add_field => { "field_name1" => "%{[message][0]}" }

      add_field => { "field_name" => "%{[message][1]}" }

      add_field => { "field_name2" => "%{[message][2]}" }
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