Split One Lined "Message" field information


In my dynamic syslogs in eleasticsearch, A fields called "messages" has over 7 lines of data, I need to split that single line into different field. I have a special character "\r\n" before required split information

example my JSON message

"message": "Incoming Text : \r\n Pepe Jeans \r\n Model 123456 \r\n Red \r\n Women \r\n 2019 Italy \r\n 6 foot,Blue,stripes,fasion \r\n 2 "

I'm expecting to split this data each into different fields like
field1: Pepe Jeans
field2: Model 123456
field3: Red
field4: Women
field5: 2019 Italy
field6: 6 foot,Blue,stripes,fasion
field7: 2

Hi @Jennifer_Coley,
You don't say how you are processing that field, but seems like using the split feature of mutate might fit the bill.

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