Splitting tag values

We try to create json objects at our end from the log files and send them to ingest_pipelines and then visualize via Kibana. Most of the parts are working fine except the tags whcih is a multi-valued comma separated string.

The json document that we send to ingest_pipeline is as follows:

I have tried multiple ways to recreate the json document as you can see in the kibana - discover, however I am not able to see the split of the tags into individual entries.

can someone help me out as to how I should be passing my json to the elasticsearch so that the individual tag entries are split?


No need to stringify the data, you should be able to ingest directly using the array.

i.e. "tags": ["EMR", "hadoop-application"] etc.

thanks lukas. your tip helped. my mistake was to pass the tags as a string and not as an array...on changing the code it works fine

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