Sql Query vs Dsl Query

querying through sql access api or querying through dsl .. which is faster in searching . Is there is performance difference in both.

You would thing that the DSL would be faster, as there is no translation from SQL<>DSL.

I don't know how much of a difference it'd be, it's something you would want to test with your use case, and then see if it's worth the cost.

Generally the cost of translation should be negligible compared to the cost of executing the query, but definitely, non-zero.

Mind however that some SQL queries can involve an extra data processing step - like sorting - in the SQL plugin (vs just piping the answer through), which otherwise - when using DSL only - you might have to implement on the client. So it could be that the SQL way might turn faster in specific cases, everything considered.

But indeed, testing with your specific cases should give you a better idea.

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