SQL Server Connector in ElasticCloud 8.9.0

Hi All,

I am planning to use MSFT SQL Server Connector which is available in ElasticCloud 8.9.0. As per the documentation it is compatible with SQL Server 2017 or higher. So I am not able to use SQL Server 2016 using this connector. I have 2 questions:

  1. Is there any way to push the content of SQL Server 2016 using any Elastic Agent which configured on SQL Server Instance to ingest data in Elastic Index?

  2. While using SQL Server version 2019, How to see the detailed logs for SQL Server Connector Full Sync. On the UI I am able to see only see one line that it is not able to connect to SQL Instance. I need to check what is the exact error in detail with verbose log kind of.

Looking for you response of these 2 questions.


  1. While we haven’t tested the connector with 2016, it might work. Feel free to give it a try and let us know how it goes?
  2. That depends on how you’re running the connector. Are you using the native connector on Elastic cloud? If so, enable debug logging for Enterprise Search, and configure your deployment to capture logs and metrics. Then look for the logs with service_type: connectors-python. If you’re running a connector client on your own infrastructure, look in the stderr of the running process (again, enable debug logging).

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