Squid Logs [beta] for Elastic Agent

Looking at this document it mentions using a Squid integration for Elastic Agent: Squid Logs | Elastic docs

However, In my 8.8.1 Fleet server /app/home#/tutorial/squidLogs only has instructions for Filebeat, which I get for beta software. Yet despite the first link specifically stating "Collect and parse logs from Squid devices with Elastic Agent.", I cannot find any reference on how to try this with Elastic Agent.

Am I missing a flag somewhere to enable beta integrations?

On the Browse integrations Fleet page, ensure the Display beta integrations option is toggled on and the Elastic Agent only option is selected. The Squid integration is still in technical preview.

Screenshot 2023-06-14 at 4.32.40 PM

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The next step is to work out how to add the Kibana dashboard, this being a beta it looks like this isn't part of the Elastic Agent integration yet.

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