Srping data elasticsearch document count info using built in reactive client

My problem:

I am trying to get indices information:


I am able to get some of that information via GetIndexResponse mentioned below. Which holds alias, mapping and setting objects. However none of them have IndexDocumentCount and IndexSize. How to get that info using ReactiveElasticSearchClient?

I know there is a curl call which holds everything I need, but I thought there are posibilities using spring boot elastic built in java objects?


I am using:

ELK : 7.17
Spring boot: spring-data-elasticsearch 5.1.3
ReactiveElasticsearchIndicesClient indices = reactiveElasticsearchClient.indices();

Mono<GetIndexResponse> getIndexResponseMono = indices.get(new GetIndexRequest.Builder().index("*").build());
GetIndexResponse block = getIndexResponseMono.block();

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