What is the recommended way to stream Elasticsearch index data

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I have a single-node Elasticsearch cluster with a pair of indexes. I'm using Java Spring Boot backend that provides Elasticsearch queries via rest high level client, but I need to provide data streaming somehow.

The point is to provide user with a application/x-ndjson or application/stream+json stream to be able to see the real-time changes. When a new document is being created / modified I should be able to stream those changes in real time.

As far as I understand, all I need is to use reactive Elasticsearch client with reactive web client, like Webflux to pass the response.

But there are few questions that I can't find answers to:

  1. Do I need to modify my current index structure to support reactive behaviour? 2. Are there any official recommendations for data streaming?
  2. Would it be possible to handle long-term streams, that could last, for example, for 24 hours?

Would be really appreciated for some links :smiling_face:

I'd use definitely the new Java client. It has an async version which is IMO designed for that kind of things.

I guess that using the BulkIngester class would help a lot as well to batch a bit your requests.

Have a look at

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