SSL for cloudflare integration

Hello, we using cloudflare logpush integration to got logs by http request.

The problem is, we ssl setup and working bethween all elastic components, but the port used by cloudflare integration on the agent does not work with https, only http.

is there a way to change it?


We found this config:

  • id: http_endpoint-cloudflare_logpush.firewall_event
    dataset: cloudflare_logpush.firewall_event
    type: logs
    listen_address: localhost
    listen_port: 9560
    url: /cloudflare_logpush/firewall_event
    - forwarded
    - cloudflare_logpush-firewall_event
    publisher_pipeline.disable_host: true
    ssl: null

But we do not know wich parameters to use on ssl configuration