Ssl key file


I followed the instructions in the online manual for create a self signed certificate and generating a csr file with the keytool. However kibana is asking for a .key file. Which is not mentioned in the manual.

How do I generate this?

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Which instructions did you follow to generate the CSR?

Kibana .key and .crt files are independent of the other certificates and keys you use in Shield. As Kibana docs suggest, you can use any tools, including openssl, to generate a key/cert pair for use within Kibana. Elastic does not provide these instructions as every environment may have their own processes for generating these types of certificates in the production environment.


This link:

I got the whole thing working. Indeed the kibana certificate/key pair is independent from the Elasticsearch.

Thanks for the assistance.



The sense plugin doesn't accept the self signed certificate for some reason. I get:
Client request error: self signed certificate in certificate chain

Theo Did you make any progress with this? I am having the same issue.