Stack Monitoring unstable and problems with logstash pipelines

We have been on 8.2.2 for awhile, monitoring was setup and working. I was working on updating some logstash pipelines, adding some filters (with ID's) and wanted to look at pipeline monitoring for a single logstash node.

This shows a dropdown with "versions" of the pipeline, it has 10-12 listed, all have "Version active until 0 seconds ago and first seen 0 seconds ago". I can't find my new filter by id in any of them.

Then monitoring broke completely, getting a popup with 503 errors for everything. That lasted for about 2 days, now monitoring is back to working again with the original logstash error. My new filters show now, probably the only version it sees in the past hour anyway.


Without more information there really isn't much to go on. if you can elaborate more on it, we'd be happy to help.

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