Stack percentage bar chart in Canvas

Hi all,
I want to create 100% stack bar visual in canvas and also need data label to be visible in order to know the percentage of each stack. Refer to the 1st image that I have tried with demodata and 2nd image for how I want it to be.
Kindly help



Hey! Which version of kibana are you using? In the more recent kibana versions you can create this chart in Lens and import it in Canvas.

Hi thanks for the reply but the problem with importing from lens is that I can't remove the time filter from the visual in canvas plus unable to add data label in lens or in canvas's expression editor

I see, I am afraid that you cant achieve the same chart with the canvas XY charts. We are working though on bringing the same capabilities with Lens on canvas. It will be available very soon, possibly in 8.4.

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